Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maria Walter: A Woman Supposedly Dying of Cancer With Lots of Pus Pouring out of her Body

Not even 24 hours after Zita Laurent's lawyer told me to go shove it, a woman named Maria Walter contacted me and told me she was dying of cancer and God gave her my name and email address. She then went on to say she knew I was the person that would donate her money to charity, again because God told her. Never mind she got the name completely wrong when addressing me. So I emailed her back and thus begins another conversation with a con man.

2/15/2011 5:51PM
From: Maria Walter -
Subject: - blank
 To: Mr. Curt- (I had so much fun with the last one I made an email just for doing this sort of thing.)

Dear Michael Gate,
 Heavenly greetings and thanks for your email , it really uplifted my spirit. I know that am doing the right thing, But first of all i need is to be reassured that whom ever i give this funds to will use it for charity purposes like i stated before.

I want to give the money to someone that has the fear of God and can share with the needed people. Its true that i do not know you and we have not met before and you will be wondering why i choose you, but it's a divine intervention, and i believe you may be the right person for this project.

 Anyway my specialists told me this morning that i would be going under intensive chemotherapy Operation because my cancerous growth are beginning to release a lot of pus with an unbearable smell and very uncomfortable, all the same only God knows why i should suffer this much but i believe that out of every suffering there is always a blessing at the end. my dear,right now i need you to always bear me up in prayers because the last chemotherapy knocked me out for 3 weeks but God willing I am still alive today.

 God is the good and he give's us everything in life and also protect us. I want you to know that we came to this world with nothing and we'll die and go back with nothing. Myself and my husband has been willing to use our money for the less privileged but i lost my husband some years back and now here i am on the sick bed. I want to give you this money so you can give and share with people that don't have and the less privileged. I want you to contact my lawyer and he will tell you what to do so the money can been transfered to you because am not allowed to always get on the computer or use a phone. 

Lawyers details:

Name: Barr. Raja Razal Ahmad
e-mail address:
Phone: +447031812058

Your Faithfully

 Maria Walter

2/15/2011 6:06PM
From: Mr. Curt -
Subject: Charity
To: Maria Walter -

Maria Walter,

God must have given you a wrong name because my name is James Curt, however he gave you the right email address. I have been looking for someone to allow me to donate to charity for years now, and I was about to jump into my car and crash into an Elementary public school just now when I received your email. It really is divine intervention!

I am so sorry to hear about your cancerous growth and the gallons of pus that is spilling out of your body. I have experienced an excess of pus barreling out of my body at one time or another too, but not as much as you obviously. And you experience this while having cancer; tragic.

I will email your lawyer and get this process started. I look forward to hearing from you again.


James Curt

2/15/2011 6:07PM
From: Mr. Curt -
Subject: Maria Walter
To: Barr. Raja Razal Ahmad

Mr. Ahmad,

One Maria Walter sent me a message regarding donating her money to me to distribute as charity. I want to get the ball rolling on this right away. What must I do?


James Curt

2/17/2011 1:00AM
From: Raja Ahmad -
Subject: Re: Maria Walter
To: Mr. Curt -


I am Barr. Raja Ahmad, an attorney representing my client Mrs. Maria Walter. I am writing this mail in regards to my clients Directive/ power of attorney that I should contact you for the WILLING of the sum of  2,000,000.00 Great Britain Pounds GBP to you, as the final beneficiary of her fund.

I want you to know that my client is a philanthropist that believes in Helping humanity,  and that she has Declared her intention in her WILL to transfer her funds to your country for the purpose of charity and service to humanity.

I require that you send me the following personal details below for Reconfirmation:

PERSONAL DETAILS [Reconfirmation]

1] Your Full Name

2] Residential address & Country

3] Age

4] Company Name 

5] Any valid identity card of yours for identification (scanned Copy)

6] Phone number and Fax Number [With country dialing code].

7] Occupation

I will commence this transaction as soon as i get the above details. Legal documents and all necessary papers for the legal transfer of this fund will be procured at the High court as soon as i get the above details.

Please also provide me with your Mobile number/fax number (if any)  that you can be reached on, you can also reach me on my number +447031812058 for any further clarifications.

I wait to hear from you soon

2/17/2011 9:46AM
From: Mr. Curt -
Subject: Re: Maria Walter
To: Raja Ahmad -


How is your Thursday treating you? Mine is treating me like an abusive stepfather. I hope yours is fairing better. Here is the required information about myself so we can get this process moving:

1] Your Full Name - James Curt

2] Residential address & Country - 4369 Hollywood Hogan Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90001, USA

3] Age - 42

4] Company Name - Quantum Leap Logistics Inc.

5] Any valid identity card of yours for identification (scanned Copy) - Attaching it to the email

6] Phone number and Fax Number [With country dialing code] - 1-206-666-4723

7] Occupation - Professor and entrepreneur

Thank you for giving me the chance to help out my fellow man. As you know, helping someone out is like biting into a sweet, delicious peach of good charity, with the juices of good conscience and well-being flowing down your chin, past your nipples, and below your belly button.

I look forward to hearing from you both soon, and if you need me to spot either of you any money, I have more than enough to spare so feel free to ask!


James Curt

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